Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

    চাকরির প্রস্তুতির জন্য “Right form of Verbএর কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ নিয়ম (পর্ব-৩)

    Rule-23::***  in/ of/ for/ with/ without/ before/ after প্রভৃতি Peposition- এর পরে Verb এর সহিত ing যোগ হয়। যেমন:

    = I don’t believe in overloading my stomach.

    = I had never thought of going there.


    Rule-24::***  Always, often, sometimes, everyday, daily, regularly, usually, normally, occasionally শব্দগুলো কোন sentence থাকলে তা present indefinite tense হয়।

    = Rabindranath’s stories often have surprise ending.

    = Fatema learns her lessons regularly.

    = Setu always disturbs the students of her class.

    = A good student learns his lessons regularly.


    Rule-25::*** now, at this moment,  at this time, at present, look, still এ শব্দগুলো কোন sentence এ থাকলে তা present continuous tense হয়।

    = Now the students are singing the national anthem.

    = The boys are watching the television at present.

    = They are enjoying a song at this moment.


    Rule-26::*** Already, just, just now, never, ever, lately, recently এ শব্দগুলো কোন sentence এ থাকলে তা present perfect tense হয়।

    = He has finished the work yet.

    = Setu has come from her college just now 


    Rule-27::*** since, for, how long (ধরে, থেকে, হতে) শব্দগুলো কোন sentence থাকলে তা present perfect continuous tense হয়।

    = It has been raining since morning

    = Hasan has been playing cricket for two hours.


    Rule-28::*** Yesterday, ago, long ago, long since, last, last night, last week, last month, as soon as, the day before yesterday, once শব্দগুলো কোন sentence থাকলে তা past indefinite tense হয়।

    = I opened the door as soon as I heard the bell.

    = Liza came here yesterday


    Rule-29::*** At that moment, at that time, then শব্দগুলো কোন sentence থাকলে তা past continuous tense হয়।

    = Fatema was doing her homework at that moment.


    Rule-30::*** Tomorrow, next, next week/ year, coming শব্দগুলো কোন sentence থাকলে তা future indefinite tense হয়।

    = Our exam will be held on Tomorrow

    = Laboni will return from Dinajpur next week.


    Rule-31::*** By, by this time, by(time, month, year), next ( time, month, year), by next ( time, month, year) শব্দগুলো কোন sentence থাকলে তা future perfect tense হয়।

    = Zihad will have finished the project by next month.

    = The Padma bridge will have been opened by 2024.

    = By 2041, Bangladesh will have become a developed country.


    Rule-32::*** Sentence-এ wish, fancy, it is time, it is high time ইত্যাদি থাকলে Verb এর Past Tense হয় এবং (be) থাকলেই were হয়

    = I wish I won the first prize in the lottery.

    = I fancy I flew among the stars.

    = It is time you changed your bad habit.

    = I wish I were a rich man.


    Rule-33::***Sentence-এ যদি as if, as though ইত্যাদি থাকে তাহলে বন্ধনীস্থ (be) এর স্থলে were অথবা V2 বসে।

    = He speaks as if he were the owner of the farm.

    = The man speaks as though he knew everything.

    = The man speaks as if he were a landlord.


    @ হারুনুর রশিদ, রাজশাহী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়।