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    চাকরির প্রস্তুতির জন্য “Right form of Verbএর কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ নিয়ম (পর্ব-৪)

      Rule-34::*** While-এর ঠিক পরই ব্রাকেটের মধ্যে যে Verb থাকে তার সঙ্গে ing যোগ হয়।  কিন্তু While-এর পরে Subject থাকলে While-এর অংশটি Past Continuous Tense  হয়।

    = While he was walking in the garden, a snake bit him.

    = While it was raining, I went to college.


    Rule-35::*** একই দৈর্ঘ্য. পরিমাণ বা স্থান বোঝালে Subject দেখতে Plural হলেও verb এর Singular Number হয়।

    = Fifty miles was a long way.

    = Twenty miles is not a great distance now a days.

    = Sixty cents is/was enough for him.


    = Twenty dollars is not sufficient in line.

    = Fifty cents was enough at that time.


    Rule-36::*** Main Clause-এর Verbটি Past Tense-এর হলে এবং পরের অংশে next day, next  week, next month, next year ইত্যাদি উল্লেখ থাকলে Subject-পরে  would/should বসে এবং Verb –এর Present Form হয়।

    = He said that he would go home the next day.

    = He told that he would come here the next year.

    = He said that he would buy a new TV the next day.



    The + noun or verb + ing + of.

    = The necessity of learning English is indescribable.

    = The using of Mobile is available .



    RULE 38::***  ( Feel, love, hear, like, hate, see, forget, consist, seem,  sound, smell, believe, know, wish, doubt, prefer, imagine, fear, taste,  astonish, please, understand) they are used in present Indefinite tense  not in continuous tense.

    🕮 Exam:I see the bird.

    I hear news.

    I forget everything.


    RULE 39::***  Distance/money/time + singular verb

    🕮 Exam:Thirty miles is a long way.

    100 years is a long time.

    Money begets money.


    RULE 40::*** Arithmetical Operations ( singular verb)

    🕮 Exam: Two and two makes four.

    Five plus five is ten

    Ten minus five is five.

    Ten divided by two is five.


    RULE 41:: ***

    Uncountable noun ( water, air, tea, sugar, environment,  furniture, kindness, rainfall, reputation, wood, paper, gum, courtesy,  earth, bread, oxygen, smoke, Bangla, English.) + singular verb.

    = Air is very important element of the environment.

    = Water plays a vital role in agriculture.


    RULE 42::*** To be verb ( am is are was were, have has, had ) এদের পর subjective form বসে।

    = It is me/ I/ him/ he

    Ans: I / He

    = It were you/ them/ us,they.

    Ans: you/they


    RULE 43::***

    Agree, appear, arrange, ask,claim, consent, decide, deserve, demand, fail, forget, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, manage mean, need, offer, plan, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, tend, threaten, wait, want. এ verb গুলোর পর অন্য কোন verb আসলে দ্বিতীয় verb এর পূর্বে to বসে।

    = He intends to stay in Rajshahi for two months.

    = We forgot to do the assignment.


    RULE 44::***

    Admit, avoid, discuss, practise, mention, understand, complete, risk recall, miss, deny, keep, suggest recommend, appreciate, enjoy, quite, tolerate, consider, finish, stop, regret, postpone. এ verb গুলোর পর অন্য কোন verb আসলে দ্বিতীয় verb এর পূর্বে ing বসে।

    = We enjoy playing cricket.

    = Hasan stop talking drugs after getting married.


    Conditional sentence::***

    1. A) If +Present Indefinite+present indefinite.
    2. B) If +Present Indefinite+Future Indefinite.
    3. C) If+ past indefinite+ (could/might/would)+ verb1.***
    4. D) If+ past perfect +(could have/might have/would have)+ verb3.***


    = If the sun rises, it sets as well.

    = If you walk slowly, you will miss the train.

    = If you went, you would see him.

    = If you had read attentively, you would have gotten chance.

    @ হারুনুর রশিদ, রাজশাহী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়।